General Terms and Conditions of Sales

a)     Prelude

CTRL™ General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall exclusively apply to dealings and contracts between CTRL™ and direct CTRL™ clients relating to the sale of CTRL™ products. Any differing conditions or terms of the customer are herewith rejected and shall not apply.

b)     Delivery

CTRL™ reserves the right to postpone or cancel deliveries. Events over which CTRL™ does not have influence such as strikes, technological complications, unforeseen events, interruptions of supplies and operations are considered force majeure and automatically lead to postponement of deliveries. Should delivery have become impossible by a force majeure CTRL™ reserves the right to partially or completely rescind the order and contract. CTRL™ reserves the right to deliver in partial shipments. CTRL™ will not be liable for non-compliance and delays. Confirmed delivery dates are not fixed dates, unless stated otherwise. Unless agreed otherwise, delivery is made from Kent, Ohio, USA or the . Risk (and responsibility) is transferred to the buyer upon leaving Kent, Ohio, USA or the unless agreed otherwise.

c)     Prices

Prices are valid at date of placing the order. CTRL™ reserves the right to adjust prices even for confirmed orders reflecting any increase in costs such as force majeure, sudden increases from our suppliers, strikes, transportation bottlenecks or other reasons justifying a price increase. If this increase happens after confirmation of order but before delivery of the CTRL™ products. CTRL™ prices are ex works Kent Ohio /the , unless stipulated differently at the CTRL™ websites, and do not include any duties, taxes or other additional costs which may apply for (internationally) shipping the CTRL™ products.

d)     Payment Terms

Online purchases are charged from your credit card/payment method upon placing the order online. Offline purchases are to be paid immediately upon receipt of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed. If the CTRL™ client fails to pay the full amount due within 14 days in the CTRL™ account, the client will be in default. Withholding payments or setting off payments is not allowed. If the CTRL™ client fails to make payment by the due date, without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to CTRL™, CTRL™ is entitled to charge interest on the unpaid amount, withhold deliveries, cancel deliveries, rescind the contract and charge penalty fees.

e)     Representation

Samples and graphic illustrations are to be considered non-binding material for illustration and/or demo purposes, only providing an idea of the properties of CTRL™ products.

f)      Governing Law

The terms of sale are subject to Dutch Law and the courts of Amsterdam, the .