The Perfect Combination of Gadget and Gear


All-in-one solution for multiple weather types. No dangerous moves required to adapt to changing light. Hands-off solution for changing sunglasses for optimal vision.


Switches automatically (depending on the surrounding light) in 0.1 second between two different tint stages (S1-S3).


Decide how you see the world with a simple push of a button. Threshold for switching in automatic mode can be adjusted by user. Tint can be switched at a touch of a button or automatically through a sensor.


In automatic mode there is no need to lift hands from the handlebar when entering tunnels. Less distraction means more safety. In clear state fit to ride in clouded/sunset conditions, maintaining protection against flies, dust, rain and rubble. Ballistic (ANSI Z87.1) lenses for maximum impact resistance. 100% UV blocking


Adjustable nose and temples pads for perfect fit. Color and lens available in the color of your choice. On the manual mode you can set the tint of the glasses to your preference. Prescription add-on available to enhance sight.

e-Tint® Technology

--- for optimal light control ---

CTRL Eyeware
CTRL Eyeware
CTRL Eyeware

The internationally patented liquid crystal guest-host technology gives you the ability to change tint from light to dark within 0.1 second, which is faster than any other technology available with the main sunglasses brands. More info.


liquid crystals

--- LCD technology ---

Liquid Crystals are a type of material that behaves like a liquid in that they can flow really fast. Simultaneously they have exciting optical properties of a crystal, similar to gemstones. This unique combination makes liquid crystal materials ideal for display technology. AlphaMicron’s celebrated Chemistry group has developed cutting edge LC materials to create the highest performing systems available today. AlphaMicron’s e-Tint technology is the basis of multiple product lines including optical shutters, privacy windows, and the digital lenses used in the first commercial LC eyewear. .




--- Changing the eyewear landscape ---

CTRL’s smart eyewear uses the fastest responding and most energy-efficient technology available. It offers instantaneous adapting tint within the blink of an eye (within 0.1 second). Control your tint manually with a simple touch of a button, or put it on the automatic mode to change automatically. With CTRL Eyewear, you control your vision!



The optical revolution

--- Your vision is our mission ---

Lighting conditions on a ride change fast and so should your sunglasses. The revolutionary e-Tint powered CTRL Eyewear are the world’s fastest changing sunglasses with electronic tint on demand. Developed for the U.S. Special Forces and now adapted, optimised and available to you.