1. This version of the CTRL eyewear has ballistic lenses, will it therefore also last longer than standard sunglasses?
No, compare an electronic calculator with an abacus. Even though the calculator (CTRL eyewear) is a lot faster than the old fashioned abacus (traditional sunglasses), the fact that it is electronically powered means there is more chance of malfunction than equipment without electronics.
Yes, despite the rigorous test over the last decade the changes of product malfunctioning are there with a brand new disruptive technology. Scaling up a new technology has inherent risks. We will pursue to limit bottle necks and potential causes of malfunctioning before shipping the product.
Yes, an easy add-on can be bought to put a set of prescription glasses behind the smart lenses. With this mini frame which can be mounted at the inside of the smart eyewear you can go to your local optician to equip it with the correct prescription glasses.
No, the smart sunglasses are only a first step as the technology can be applied to many circumstances which benefit from orchestrating light. Think about ski goggles, motor helmets, car roofs, mirrors, windows etc etc.
No, not yet. We plan to launch a second edition with such features in the next 12-18 months.
No, not yet. Apps and version 2.0 including more shades of the tint will follow shortly. Right now the tint is either clear or dark (orange/black/blue lens).
You can pick the color of the frame and the color of the lens. After ordering you will get the options which are available in terms of frame (black & red or all black for the CTRL), see website Buy NOW. The lenses are either clear or orange/amber. The Andy Schleck Special Edition is chrome colored with blue/purple lenses.
As required by the U.S. Special Forces in case of no power the lenses must turn as clear as possible, the so called “fail-safe” feature. In case of an empty battery, simply charge via the micro USB cable which is in the package.
You can enter the Automatic mode by keeping the button pressed until the lens starts flickering. After this the light sensor will be activated. Exiting the Automatic made can be done by simply pressing the button again.
Charging the smart eyewear will take approximately an hour which will last for around 70 hours of operational use. The dark state is consuming voltage and will only be triggered when in bright sun. 70 hours of operational sun should last for more than a month in case of a daily 2 hour ride in the sun.
You are welcome to send an email to sales@ctrl-eyewear.com and we will try to revert. Do note that we receive many requests for cooperation and therefore we cannot promise we get back on each offer.
We focus on online sales at the start. We are open to discuss distributorships with selected companies/retailers but will be very critical. Please do send an email to sales@ctrl-eyewear.com.
Yes, we offer a 6 month warranty period. Even if the product is not as expected beyond this period we are open to start a dialogue to ensure you remain an ambassador of our smart products.
The lenses are a 7.5 Base. The curve nicely bends around the shape of the face limiting wind, sun, rain to get through via the sides. The size is made to fit most adults with a temple to temple distance of 5.31 inches/13.5 cm. The sides (temples) and the nose pad can be bent for an optimal fit.
The eyewear needs to be treated with the utmost care as you would treat other battery powered products. Even though the lens of the CTRL ONE is stronger than most other lenses of sunglasses and it has been tested in harsh conditions, the lens is fitted at the inside with a thin Liquid Crystal film which can be damaged. For increasing the economic life of the eyewear we recommend treating with care and storing in the case in the powered off (clear) state.
Please do not try this at home (or any other place)! Even though the clear lens is designed to meet/exceed the ANSI Z87.1 requirements, we bear no responsibility for any impact related damage and users should take this feature only as comfort that the CTRL ONE scores high in terms of impact resilience.
Speed and control. Photocromic lenses are slow to change. It takes more or less half a minute to turn dark and often more than 5 minutes to turn clear again. Compare this to the less than 0.1 seconds to turn either way for CTRL Eyewear. Second major difference is the control. Photochromic lenses decide for you irrespective of the sensitivity of your eyes. CTRL Eyewear provides you the option to turn clear or dark depending on your preference. As no electronics are used for photochromic lenses, the life span can be expected to be longer than for the CTRL ONE next generation eyewear.
No, this version is not polarized. Polarized lenses have certain advantages and disadvantages. We will listen to feedback and decide if the next version will come as polarized or non-polarized.
The sensor has a certain threshold. When you go in and out of the shade that will most likely not trigger the change as there will be still sufficient light, until you really go into a tunnel, or a part of the road with low light. The CTRL eyewear can also be put on the manual mode providing you control over the light or you can change the light threshold for changing from and to clear/dark.
Yes for sure, the CTRL ONE can be used for any activity where the light circumstances change. In less than 0.1 second the CTRL ONE can change as many times as the light changes. See also battery life.  
On-Off right now, but we are working on an intermediate state and even in the medium term a gradual changing version. 
The viewing angle is the same as for conventional sunglasses. No major differences in extreme temperatures as Photochromics.
There is no glass, the frame and lenses are made from the same material as regular sunglasses plus a thin Liquid Crystal film and relevant electronics powering the tint change.
Yes, despite the experience and the knowledgeable team in place, there could still be delays on the back of overwhelming demand or unforeseen production or supply hiccups.
Not in many locations yet. We pursue to explain the product and its features as good as we can on the website and videos. Only in the medium term the CTRL ONE will become available offline in a store near you to see, touch & try.
The kit comes with a usb to micro-usb cable that can run off any mobile phone adapter or computer port.
The lens turn on when the device is plugged into charger. Once charged, the lens goes to the clearer tint state. This is the indication that the battery is charged and ready for use.
There is a factory setting built in for normal use conditions. However, the light sensitivity for each person and situation is different. Therefore, before you use the device on the automatic mode, it is best that you adjust the threshold for switching to the ambient lighting condition that you like and are comfortable with such as tunnels.
Ballistic is a term used for lenses that outperform impact performance of conventional lenses and eyewear. It does not mean it can stop a bullet. However, it does mean that you are getting a superior protection against debris such as pebbles etc.