CTRL Eyewear

The revolution in the eyewear evolution

CTRL Eyewear is a new brand of smart wearables aiming to change the landscape of the wearables industry. CTRL Eyewear is specifically founded to create the consumer version of innovative eyewear created for the U.S. Special Forces. CTRL is established in 2015 in the Netherlands as a subsidiary of AlphaMicron Inc, Kent Ohio, USA. CTRL Eyewear aims to design, develop and market the world’s most innovative eyewear, powered by AlphaMicron’s vast experience in adaptive military lens technology.

CTRL Eyewear is targeting high performance athletes, outdoor adventurists and anybody who accepts nothing less than the best. Even the U.S. Army states competition is not applicable for CTRL’s lightning fast e-Tint technology. Call us: (330) 676-0648.






is the supplier of CTRL Eyewear’s e-Tint



partners & clients

AlphaMicron’s technology is already used in digital lenses for ski goggles, motorcycle helmets, wafer inspection devices and auto dimming mirrors for cars and motorcycles. AlphaMicron pursues to work with selected partners to continuously improve and develop their products.



The revolutionary and internationally patented e-Tint Technology has earned global acclaim: